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A significant change is looming for iPhone users here in Minnesota and across the country later this fall.

Our cell phones are ALWAYS with us, right? They're our connection to pretty much everything these days. So when one of the two big tech companies (that'd be Apple and Android) change something, it can be a big deal.

And apparently, that's the case for iPhone users here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and worldwide this fall. Because a significant change is on the way that will affect how you use your iPhone.

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Here in the Gopher State, Apple and its iPhones are slightly more popular here, though it's pretty closely split. According to this PC Magazine story, iPhones make up 49% of phone users in Minnesota, compared to 47% for Android (with 4% listed as 'other'-- whatever that is.)

So if you're in that 49%, get ready for a change that Apple is apparently rolling out with the iOS 17 operating system: The big red 'end call' button is moving! At least, that's the word from this CNN story that noted the change in a Beta version of the new iPhone call screen that's already available for developers.

Here's what CNN says is changing:

The iPhone’s phone app will get a series of updates coming to iOS 17, including an updated design that repositions the hang up button to the bottom right of the screen, next to other functions. The button currently sits separately at the bottom middle of the phone app, underneath the buttons to mute, access the keypad or add a call.

CNN went on to say that other changes coming to iOS 17 this fall include a more accurate autocorrect, improved dictation in iMessage, and a more responsive Siri.

It's not known exactly when the new iOS 17, including the new changes, will be available for current iPhone users to download, though it's expected to be sometime in September when new iPhone models are usually introduced.

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