If you have ever had a dog in your life, you understand how much of an impact they can have on you. Dogs are amazingly smart animals that can have more of an impact on a human's life than we know.

According to KARE 11, the Minnesota Wild signed Breezer, a 12-week-old Labrador Retriever to a "one-year contract" where he will learn as much as he can before going to the "big leagues." Okay... you know he's an official player because he even has a spot on the roster. He is so cute and was adopted by President Matt Majka and family to make a difference in the community. The article says that Breezer comes to us from Coco's Heart Dog Rescue. According to Coco's Heart Dog Rescues website, their goal is to get dogs from unfortunate situations and find them foster homes until they can find them forever homes.

The KARE 11 article continues to say that after Breezer's one year is up, he will be sent to Soldier's 6, which is a non-profit in the area that helps any service person who has been honorably discharged. The goal is to turn Breezer into a service dog that will one day find companionship in someone in need.

KARE 11 says while Breezer will be fostered by Majka and family, he has other duties that he must do as well. He'll be at some games and practices as well as make special appearances at different events. If you are dying to meet him like I am, he'll be hanging out at the State Fair this weekend at the Minnesota Wilds Booth. Breezer even has a manager that fallows him closely and posts stuff on social media so you can keep up with his life. If you ever do see him, make sure to get a selfie with him!

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