Have you ever scrolled through Facebook and found the ONE EVENT that you've been waiting for so you can finally cross it off your bucket list?  Ever since I was little, I've wanted to stomp grapes at a vineyard thanks to an episode of "I Love Lucy".  If that's been on your dream list, I've got some good news because that vineyard event is happening near Rochester, Minnesota in September.

The 'I Love Lucy' episode was funny but this blooper of a reporter will make you laugh and cry!

I told a bunch of my co-workers that I wanted to stomp grapes and they immediately started laughing and telling me about the Grape Lady video.  I looked like a space cadet because I had no clue what they were talking about.  They filled me in real quick and showed me the video below.  Now, I'm just hoping I survive this whole experience.

Stomp grapes at Four Daughter's Vineyard and Winery in Spring Valley, Minnesota!

I have September 11th blocked off on my calendar because grape stomping is happening this year for me.  You can sign up too!  Just grab a friend and get registered on their website to help stomp grapes that are right off the vines.  Here's a few more details from their Facebook event page in case you want to sign up:

  • When: September 11th at 1pm or 4pm
  • $20 per team
  • Teams will compete head to head and 3 teams will move to the finals.
  • Prizes are awarded for the winning stompers, the finalists, and the best-costumed team
  • Learn more and get registered here
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Did you know that there are 19 wineries around the Rochester, Minnesota area?

Send this list off to a few of your friends and tell them ROAD TRIP!  Below are 19 places that are near Rochester that are amazing spots to try out a new wine or just get-together with friends.

Enjoy wine at one of these 19 wineries near Rochester, Minnesota

Grab your girlfriends and head out for a weekend (or two) for the best summer adventure ever - winery tours! Ok, you don't have to take an actual tour of the winery. This is more of a sit-down and enjoy a glass of their homemade goodness with a few of your friends. Start your adventure by checking out a few of these places near Rochester, Minnesota.

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