A Washington Post report says, the average American eats 23 pounds of pizza each year. As a country we eat 3-billion slices annually and most of us apparently prefer a thin crust.

Now, when people think about Minnesota food they probably don't think about pizza. We're known for classics like hot dish and Juicy Lucy's and actually have several iconic foods, see the list below, but did you know there is actually a "Minnesota Style" pizza?

There are a lot of styles of pizza, but the most famous ones are New York with those big thin-crust slices and Chicago with their famous deep dish pizzas.


"Minnesota Style" hasn't quite caught on like those two kinds of pizza, but it has been around since the 1960s.

So what is a "Minnesota style" pizza?

“Minnesota Style” is simply a thin crust pizza that has a bunch of toppings and cheese. The toppings and cheese don't make it a true "Minnesota Style" though. That distinction comes when the pizza is cut and served.


The most important thing about "Minnesota Style" pizza is that the pie has to be cut into squares.

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The team at Red’s Savoy Pizza gets credit for coining the phrase. They told pioneerpress.com that they've proudly served their pizza this way since 1965.


Savoy president Reed Daniels was quoted in the article: “We’ve won awards for best Minnesota pizza, but no one really knew what that was, so we claimed it.”

The company has started branding their locations and have updated their website to claim the title of "Minnesota Pizza".

Red's Savory has several locations in the Twin Cities area.

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