You've probably seen other crafts and thought, "MAN! I'd love to make that!" This spring, there's an easy way to do it.

My journey started when I saw a cute purse I wanted, but was WAY out of my price range. It's Prada - so, yeah. ANYWAY, I thought "Maybe I could just make what I want myself?" So, I learned how to do that. Seriously.

I took a Tunisian crochet class at Kelley's Quality Sewing Center in NW Rochester, and totally learned new stitches that I didn't know before.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

Here are some of the stitches my teacher, Michelle, taught me: simple stitch, purl stitch, and knit stitch. Using any form of these stitches will have your project qualify as Tunisian crochet.

While I was researching my upcoming project before coming to a class, my co-worker Jessica Williams on Y105-FM mentioned, "You're lucky you have someone sitting next to you and teaching you! I'm a visual learner. I can't do videos." If you're like Jessica, these classes will help!

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