It seems aggressive, but it works.

TSM Rochester: Val Kleinhans
TSM Rochester: Val Kleinhans

Recently I bought an $80 jumpsuit (I know, I know... but it's cute!) from Urban Outfitters that was just sooooo bright and pretty! I still love it!

However, when it arrived at my doorstep and I tried it on, it was obvious that the "pants" portion was just too long for my little legs.

A lot of you on Instagram were so sweet in saying that they looked great anyway, but I've got to be comfortable and not fear death (tripping) every time I encounter a stairwell in this outfit. My solution to my problem wasn't immediately obvious, but after some thought, I found it: use a rotary cutter and give my jumpsuit a vintage/rugged look. Who needs a fancy hem when you can just rip the thing for the look you really want?

My other problem: I had NO IDEA how to use a rotary cutter. I also hadn't heard of one until I started taking classes at Kelley's Quality Sewing.

TSM Rochester: Val Kleinhans
TSM Rochester: Val Kleinhans

I first acquired some rotary cutting skills and learned a few pointers. This way, I wouldn't royally screw up and ruin a perfectly good jumpsuit.

  1. MEASURE. You can even score "no slip" and "grip" rules to help keep your cuts straight.
  2. Take your time. The only one in a hurry is you. It's worth being patient while you do this.
  3. Close your blade when you're not using it. Ain't nobody got time (or money) for ER visits!
  4. Press hard. The mat you're using under your project will probably affect how well your rotary cutter does (or doesn't) cut. Pressing hard on your ruler as you glide with the cutter ensures a straight cut and one-time use.

There you have it! Now I'm going to take these skills and actually cut the leg-length on my jumpsuit to better suit me. Stay tuned for the result!

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