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Do Minnesotans here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes like to get their drink on? A new survey says we sure do-- at least compared to other states, that is.

Being that I was born over in Wisconsin, anytime I see a survey about states and drinking, I pretty much automatically assume America's Dairyland is going to be near the top.

But according to this new States That Drink The Most Alcohol survey from Vinepair, Wisconsin ISN'T the state that drinks the most. (In fact, not only is Wisconsin not the #1 state, it almost didn't even make the top ten, coming in at #9.) What?!? So, that fact right there automatically made me wonder about the validity of its data.

Upon closer inspection, though, I noted that this survey is really only considering a states' ethanol consumption-- the hard liquor, that is-- and how much beer a state drinks isn't factored in. So maybe that explains why Wisconsin isn't #1.

But what about here in Minnesota? Well, according to the survey, while we here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes don't quite drink as much as our neighbors to the east (duh, right?), we still like to down a beverage... or two. In fact, we're ranked 13th in this survey.

Nationally, the survey said, "As a country, we drink an average of 2.35 gallons of alcohol per capita per year — which amounts to about 501 standard drinks annually." And here in Minnesota, we have even more than that-- coming in at 2.79 gallons per capita per year.

So if it's not Wisconsin, which state DOES drink the most alcohol? According to Vinepair's survey, it's... New Hampshire! (Really?) Followed by Washington D.C. in second place, then Delaware, Nevada, and North Dakota round out the top five.

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