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Every year on St. Patrick's Day, businesses, teachers, and the extra crafty moms tend to go all out on their creativity and start turning everything green for fun.  Green beer is on the "yes" list.  That doesn't freak us out.  However, there are 15 items that should never be turned green.

15 items you could dye green for St. Patrick's Day but maybe shouldn't

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and you may have the urge to run to the store and buy a box of green dye just to make something extra fun this holiday. But, there are a few things that maybe you should just leave the way they are.

What's missing on the list?  Let me know!  You can find my contact info here.

Was the "green eggs" comment too soon?  That whole Dr. Seuss discussion about the books being pulled wasn't that long ago.  But I will say, if you've ever turned your eggs green for fun, most kids think it is gross and won't touch them.  When it comes to food and our typical drinks, our brains just don't like change.

Speaking of topics that are a little fresh, remember the whole Gorilla Glue incident?  That was a huge mess - literally - but we all learned a very valuable lesson.  You can become famous for nothing.  Ok, we also learned that you shouldn't put Gorilla Glue on your head.  Not sure if we all needed to have that lesson taught to us but I did find out that there are some very unusual items that seem odd but are safe for your hair.  If you ever have a child get gum or silly putty stuck in their hair, there is a very helpful tip below just for you.

10 Items That Seem Odd But Can Go In Your Hair - (Gorilla Glue is NOT on this list)

For obvious reasons, Gorilla Glue is NOT on the list. But, you might be shocked at these other odd items that seem to be go-to products for a variety of hair care situations.

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