Weddings are supposed to be happy, filled with love, and a safe place to create warm memories. For Jamie Coleman of Dodge Center, all of that disappeared within a flash.

Jamie got married this past weekend, and as she was leaving the reception with her maid of honor the back tire of their vehicle was destroyed - thus, causing a terrible accident. Jamie was taken to St. Mary's where she is currently in recovery.

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No one - especially a bride on her wedding night! - should ever have to endure something like this. It's our hope, and the hope of Jamie's friends and family that the pain of this event can be eased with a little help.

Interested in helping? Jamie's friend Sydney Hanenberger has championed a Go Fund Me page, where any donation (if you can make one) is accepted. Can't donate? Well, we're pretty sure this amazing couple could use some prayers right now too, and that doesn't cost a thing.

Get well soon Jamie!



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