If I've learned anything in my first eight months in Minnesota, it would have to be that folks in the land of ten thousand lakes love to drink. Many have told me the reason that natives drink so much here is because that's the only thing to do during the winter. A recent study found that if you drink in moderations... aka a half-pint a day, you could live to see your 90th birthday.

The Irish Sun quoted a study that was done by the University of Maastricht in Holland. The study looked at around 5,500 people over two decades. Their drinking habits were recorded. The professor that was in charge of the study said they saw positive relations between folks drinking habits and the longevity of their life. They think the key factor in this study was moderation. If you drink too much it is toxic.

Researchers did say that this study should not be used as an excuse to start drinking. I guess the moral of the story is your one beer a night isn't horrible for you. In the long run, it could help you live longer. Just remember to drink responsibly.

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