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He's supposed to drive fast while he's working. But when he was on the street and was STILL driving a little too fast, this famous Indy car driver got himself a speeding ticket while over in Wisconsin.

Automobile racing has been one of the few sports that's been able to start up again during our on-going battle with the coronavirus. Both NASCAR and the IndyCar series have both been holding racing events again-- without spectators in the stands, mind you-- as was the case over in my home state of Wisconsin over the weekend.

Road America is an IndyCar road course race track over near Elkart Lake, Wisconsin (about 4 hours east of Rochester, between Lake Winnebago and Lake Michigan.) And this past weekend, it hosted its first race of the year, featuring IndyCars-- and some famous IndyCar drivers.

Like three-time Indy 500 champion, Helio Castroneves. And he not only drove fast while on the Road America course, it appears he continued to drive fast while on the streets of nearby Sheybogan-- and right past a squad car of a local police department. And, yeah-- you can guess what happened next.

That's right, according to this story from Milwaukee TV station WTMJ-4, Castroneves was cited for exceeding the speed limit. "'My man I tell you. Yesterday I got a speeding ticket,' Castroneves said. 'I was distracted, man. When I come back to race in two weeks, I will deliver that fire on track over there...I was distracted. I was listening to music. I was so excited,'" Castroneves noted in the story.

Which is, I guess, what you WANT your race car drivers to do, right? I mean, they're supposed to drive FAST, aren't they? Now that I think about it, I think it'd be more of a story had he NOT gotten a speeding ticket. That wouldn't have drummed up much excitement for the upcoming race, would it?

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