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It appears that you and I aren't the only ones who might be gaining some weight this holiday season, judging by this trail cam video captured in northern Minnesota recently.

Putting on a little extra weight is something I try to avoid during the holidays each year, with varying degrees of success. But this black bear in northern Minnesota has a head start on all of us when it comes to putting on some extra weight for the upcoming hibernation season.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is a University of Minnesota research project that was started to try to figure out what wolves do during the summer months in and around Voyageurs National Park in the iconic Northwoods border region of the North Star State.

The project has installed numerous trail cams around Voyageurs National Park as it tries to track 14 different wolf packs. So, they get A LOT of video each year, one of which just captured a big 'ol black bear. They posted this video of the big bear on their Facebook page recently, saying:

This might be THE fattest bear we have ever seen in our area! How much do you think this porker weighs?! Unfortunately, we only got one video of this beauty but it is enough to appreciate the bear's curves and figure...it worked hard for that body!

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resource (DNR) says that adult black bears here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes typically weigh between 150 to 500 pounds and are five to six feet long. Of course, it also said that well-fed bears can be heavier-- which this bear most likely is.

Speaking of animals native to Minnesota, did you know that some of them are incredibly intuitive and can actually predict the weather? Take a look below!

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