College basketball season has many of us talking at the end of March because there's this huge tournament that brings in a lot of money for many people! For the communities that host games, they get a huge financial impact because they are flooded with tourists.

This past Final Four brought a lot of fans to Minnesota giving the state a financial boost. According to WCCO, that weekend brought in around 91,000 tourists and they were all spending money in our state. People not only paid to go to the game, but they also needed places to stay, food to eat and entertainment when they weren't enjoying some great basketball. Just imagine if you were a business owner near the stadium. You were making bank from these tourists.

So what was the final tally for the amount of money that was brought into this state? Are you ready for this? 143 MILLION DOLLARS! That is a lot, I mean a lot of dollar bills filling up a room! LOL okay! It's probably spread out in multiple banks and no one would have all that money to themselves! Many vendors, restaurants, and bars saw an increase in revenue during that time. If I was a business owner, I wouldn't even know how to prepare for that. But everyone did an amazing job which leads to the question, what did people think about our state?

According to this article, 94% want to come back to Minnesota and experience an event like that again! Hopefully, we get some awesome sporting events coming our way! Wait, we are! The article says our state will host the Division I NCAA Wrestling Championship and NCAA Final Four 2022! Who else is making plans to go see those events?

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