The Insane Inflatable 5K is coming to Rochester this weekend, and we wanted to give you a sneak-peak of some of the zany obstacles that our runners will be, well, "running" into! Here are just a few of the inflatable hotspots for this weekend's race. Once you know some of what you're getting yourself into, you'll be looking even more forward to conquering this course. If you haven't signed up yet, don't worry. It's not too late, yet! Hope to see you all there...

  • Big Balls

    As the name implies, these big balls will bounce, flounce and trounce you as you try to navigate this area. The most ginormous ball pit in the history of ball pits may just knock your socks, and shoes, off! You'll have to be quick on your feet and extremely attentive to work your way through this obstacle.

  • Bust on Thru

    You'll need to be fleet of foot and free from fear to fly through this obstacle, which resembles a long, treacherous tire section and includes four inflatable doors that you'll have to bust through to succeed.

  • Disturbia

    Resembling a giant, inflated strand of mutated DNA, the Disturbia obstacle will have you climbing and crawling and crying for your mama as you work your way through it, and back into reality. Don't be too disturbed by Disturbia - keep cool and inflatable on...

  • Jump Around

    You'll "jump up, jump up and get down" inside this giant baseball glove-looking inflatable. Bouncing around on this contraption will have you thinking you're walking on the Moon. More than 70 feet of jumping excitement will keep you moving and grooving through the Insane Inflatable 5K course.

  • Run This Way

    You may have the urge to just lay down by the time you get to this giant air mattress, but it's going to take a lot of concentration and quick feet to work your way through this deceptively simple-looking inflatable obstacle. Keep your head down and watch your footing and success will be assured.