There is really a lot of history in Minnesota. No matter what city, town or lake you are at, more than likely something historical happened there. Here are five historical landmarks to check out in Minnesota.


Paisley at Split Rock
Photo Credit: Paisley Dunn Rochester, MN

1. Split Rock Light House

I have already checked this one off my bucket list. My mom and I took a trip to Duluth back in September. Split Rock was so beautiful. It was also super interesting to read about all of the history that happened there. That's the place where I learned that Lake Superior is haunted.

A River Front near Mill City Museum

Photo Credit: Paisley Dunn Rochester, MN

2. Mill City Museum

My friend lives up in the Twin Cities and we went on an adventure one weekend. In this picture, I am facing the Mill City Museum. I wish I would have taken a picture with it in the background. She took me to the riverfront and I saw the Museum but didn't go in. The website says you can learn a lot about the development of Minneapolis there.


3. The Plummer Building

Well... this is in most of our back yards. You can find it in downtown Rochester. The Plummer Building is very important to the history of the Mayo Clinic. Side note... the inside is beautiful. It was named after Henry S. Plummer who created a lot of systems like medial records and registration systems according to the Mayo Clinic website.


Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

4. F Scott Fitzgerald House

F Scott Fitzgerald wrote the book "The Great Gatsby." This classic novelist has many connections to Minnesota. He spent most of his life in the Twin Cities. He lived in a lot of houses. You can go look at a few of them. We made a list of some of his houses last year. 


5. Soudan Underground Mine

According to the Department of Natural Resources, the Soudan Underground Mine was the first iron ore mine. It opened in 1882 and eventually went underground in 1892. Now that the mine isn't active, you can take tours of it. Underground mine tours are so much fun. I plan on making a stop there this summer


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