There are many trends that are centered around goats these days. I've heard many folks talk about goat therapy and goat yoga. These animals are super smart and can cause damage without even knowing it. My great uncle raised goats and one morning he woke up to a few on the top of his pickup cab. They caused quite a bit of damage.

Well... according to KTTC some goats in Southeast Minnesota went on a Rochester adventure that they will never forget. Apparently around 200 -- yep you read that number right -- got out of the pen the other day. There was a hole in the fence and the goats found their freedom.

The article says they were found later that afternoon chilling at a Girl Scout Camp that was near their home. They were just living their best goat life in freedom! This herd calls "Goat Dispatch" home.

According to the Goat Dispatch Facebook Page, the group raises goats so they can do what they do best! EAT! Goats eat EVERYTHING! I've had so many 4-H friends who had their goats eat the most random stuff like shirts off drying racks and trash that was left out of trash bags. The goal with these goats is to control the buckthorn, invasive brush, and noxious weeds.

Hopefully, the goats had the adventure of a lifetime because I don't know the next time they'll get to go explore like that.

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