The Day the Goats Came...sounds like a story an uncle with a tendency to stretch the truth would tell. But he makes great lefse, so, you put up with it.

According to alt1053radiom, it was Tuesday evening when goats in town to clear brush off the hills of East San Jose, broke out from the fenced in area, and as quick as you can say, "Wow! Look at all those goats!" hundreds of goats were having the somewhat-confused-goat-time-of-their-lives.

It took a rancher only 5 minutes to wrangle them back onto the ranchlands, but for a few minutes that neighborhood got their most entertaining few minutes since shelter in place orders began.

Years ago, in Idaho, chickens I knew were doing something similar...but instead of clearing up brush, they were eating up the apricots that fell during a windstorm. Some were really rotten, so maybe the chickens got a little buzzed.

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