Before you know it, the weekend is going to be here. With all the places of entertainment closed, we are going to have to get creative on how to spend our weekends. The weather this weekend (knock on wood) looking pretty nice, which means you can get outside if you so wish too. Minnesota has a lot of beautiful locations to check out.  Only in Minnesota put out a list of places to see if you hate crowds. I felt this was fitting with everything going on in the world, so here are nine places near southern Minnesota to check out.

  1. Mississippi National River and Recreation Area - This is a short drive away. It's located in the Twin Cities area.
  2. Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area- If you are willing to drive Northwest of Mankato, this is a great place to go check out some nature.
  3. Root River Valley- Root River Valley is within a short driving distance of us. It is located by La Cross.
  4. Iona's Beach- If you are looking for a longer drive, Iona Beach is perfect. It is North of Duluth, so it is quite the road trip.
  5. Tetegouche State Park- This park is quite a bit North, but if you are will to drive, it looks beautiful.  It is located right on Lake Superior.
  6. Munsinger & Clemens Gardens- Another one that's beautiful, but quite a bit of a drive. Munsinger and Clemens Gardens is located northwest of Minnetonka.
  7. Noerenberg Gardens- Not too far from us at all. It's located in the Twin Cities area.
  8. Banning State Park- This park has a unique location. It is North of the Twin Cities but South of Duluth.
  9. Glacial Lakes State Park- Glacial Lake is located West of St. Cloud, but a great way to look at nature and water.

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