Space heaters are very handy especially when your office or house is super cold. Now that it is starting to cool down, many of us are pulling out the space heaters. I was scrolling through Twitter this weekend and saw this Tweet.

This is a good reminder that we need to be safe when trying to heat small spaces. On the Minnesota Department of Saftey website, it says that ten percent of house fires from 2013 to 2017 were caused by heating devices. Here are five tips to keep you safe while using space heaters.

1. Never sleep with the heater on or leave it unattended. If you are planning on leaving the house or going to bed, unplug the heater and let it cool down before storing it.

2. Plug the heater directly into the wall. Do not plug it into a power strip or extension cord. The devices draw too much electricity and can cause a fire. If you don't believe me check out this photo a Utah fire department put out.

3. Use the three feet rule. Keep the heater three feet from carpet, furniture, towels, blankets or anything that can catch on fire. Also, don't keep the heater under desks or on uneven ground. This could cause fires as well.

4. Keep the heater out of high foot traffic areas. There's a chance that someone could trip on the heater or the cord. If the heater were to tip over it, the heater could cause a fire. It's best to keep it running in a place everyone knows about, but won't trip over.

5. If the cord is worn, frayed, broken in any way or just doesn't look safe to plug into the wall,  DON'T PLUG IT IN! The broken cord will lead to electricity shorts, which could cause sparks. No one wants that!

This is a good reminder to always be aware of what is going on when using space heaters! Stay warm this winter!

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