There are so many cool restaurants and stores at the Mall of America. I've only been twice, and feel like I didn't have the opportunity to see everything that there is there. A few of my friends went to the Sugar Factory last weekend and were sending me Snapchats of what they got. I was at the one in New York, but have not made a stop at the one in Minneapolis.

The StarTribune also put together an article of five things you can order at the Sugar Factory, and I thought I would share those with you!

1. Fun Adult Drinks

The Sugar Factory has a whole list of fun adult drinks. My friends got their Fish Bowl last weekend. Another fun drink... the Darke Goblet. This $32 drink has dry ice, alcohol, and candy in it. A common one has strawberry lemonade cotton candy, peach tea, and whiskey. There is even one that you can only get at the Mall of America.

Sugar Factory NYC
Photo Credit: Paisley Dunn Rochester MN

2. Wild and Crazy Milkshakes

I got the one above at their New York location, but the Mall of America has quite a few options as well. One that they offer is the Princess Make A Wish Milkshake. It's a vanilla milkshake, in a beer mug covered in chocolate and sprinkles topped with a cupcake, white chocolate Kit-Kat, and a marshmallow puff. These cost around $20.

3. Donut Burger

It's a burger patty and grill cheese sandwich in between two glazed donuts. It's topped with bacon and powdered sugar. That sounds like every kids dream dinner.

4. Chocolate Silver Fondue

You have to give two days' notice if you are going to order this. They need some time to make the macaroons. This platter will cost you $150. You'll get macaroons pretzels, gummy bears, popcorn and cupcake all dusted in eatable silver. Along with that, you will get your choice of chocolate as well as two glasses of wine.

5. King Kong Sunday

This is one epic Sunday that will cost you around $99. So what is in it? Well... it comes with 24 scoops of ice cream, three sauces, sprinkles, gram crackers, gummy bears, marshmallows, Oreo's, waffle cones, a candy necklace, gummy cherries, two lollypops, a glazed donut, red velvet cupcake, a burlee banana, and sparklers. It'll take an army to eat this.

So if you are in the Twin Cities and your sweet tooth kicks in, here are a few desserts you can find at the Mall of America.

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