You know what the label says, I know what the label says, but there are just some labels that lie-like-a-rug! Maybe you don't sit down to eat the whole things, you just find yourself at the bottom of the bowl and there is no more. Here's the Top Four according to a recent Rochester survey.

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    I'm not talking the big buckets. I'm talking the pint. You grab it, you know it serves four, but four 1/2 cup servings? Who are they kidding? And if it's been a long day or your/my love-life is taking a header, then shut up with that scoop, just gimmie a spoon. Servings Per Container: 1!

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    And Shells and Cheese, Too

    At least with these two, they're closer to real with the claim of three one cup servings (tho I have seen some with 1/2 cup per serving...hahahahaa). But still...if the kids aren't around, it's one box, one serving. I add chopped broccoili because then at least i'm getting SOMETHING healthy out of it. Pro-Tip: Do NOT add sliced carrots. I'm still scarred.

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    If you're making 'em from scratch, with milk and butter, you're actually potato = one serving. But how 'bout that instant stuff? Yeah, no. Serves 6? Maybe in LaLa Land! But here in Rochester, when the weather's going to be nasty, and you're starving. Servings Per Container: 1!

    Inga Nielsen
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    Serving size: 3 cookies. Total Calories: 160



    But seriously...three cookies per serving/ I'll buy half a row...but you and I both know there are times we go to bed, embarrassed and impressed all at the same time.

    3 cookies per serving. HA!

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