Are you skeptical when you hear free land? Many have been scared to take action over the years. There are three brave souls that have taken advantage of this offer in seven years according to KTTC. The town of Claremont is offering free land to build homes on in hopes to get families to move there. So what is the catch… there has to be a catch.

The KTTC article says that qualified families can get a lot that has water, electricity and some other amenities available if they pay a $1,000 processing fee. There are still 12 lots according to KTTC. You must build your own house on the space that you get. You even can pick your own lot according to the City of Claremont's website.

So how do you get your hands on a piece of this land? You have to contact the city to see if you qualify for the land. Because you have to meet some guidelines, you must first go through an application process. Upon approval, you'll get your land. See... there are very few strings attached in this deal. Are you going to take advantage of this?

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