Eric Church fans know that 'Chief' is a song writing machine! This unreleased single DID NOT end up on an album earlier in his career during 'the Chief Era' , but is an absolute boot-tapper that I think you will enjoy. Give it a listen!

“Lovin’ Me Anyway” could quite possibly be the best Eric Church song you've never heard. It's been rumored that it was supposed to be on the Chief Album release, or possibly a bonus track, but either way, I bet it will put a smile on your face!

Eric Church will be top-of-mind this weekend with many fans who could NOT make the trek to attend his his two SOLD OUT shows at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville Fri & Sat night.

Steve Richards ~ Quick Country Weekends


While I'm at it, here's another unreleased Eric Church *GEM titled
'Woke Up This Morning'

One More...... 'My Hearts Got A Memory' - Eric Church Bonus Track For
His CD 'Carolina'

Here's a great article from the Nashville Scene posted earlier this week.

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