We've all done. We get that text to go do something and we just aren't feeling it. Maybe we just don't want to get out of our yoga pants. (No blame here) Sure there is always the honest approach, that you just don't want to, or you can't be convinced enough to  get ready to leave the house but then you feel bad for being "that person" too.

Here's a few tried a true "Get out of anything" texts.

The Never Say No Person.

"Sorry! Just now seeing this."  means  the "nice" way of saying I didn't want to say no but you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

The Grandma/Grandpa Cop Out

"I would but I'm going to stay in". Throwing the grandpa emoji in there just solidifies the point that you aren't important enough to get them out of their Pjs.

The Battery Fail

"Dang, my phone died. Sorry. Next time!". ALMOST believable. Its unlikely but sure,  it could happen.

The Fake Out

"....... is typing" Pretending to type back but not actually doing so makes it seem like you were responding and then got distracted so it was a legit attempt.

The Next Day

"Oh my gosh, I just saw this."  I've done it. I mean to come back but once that notification is gone I totally forget!

Some of my favorites that Rochester shared with me!

"I have a emergency."
"No thanks. I don't like people."
"I wish I could but I don’t want to." Thanks, Phoebe! 
"Software update."


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