Filming for a new historic thriller movie called "Room 108: The Clearing" recently began in parts of Wisconsin, and the Green Bay Packers organization has stepped up to support it.

What Is the Movie "Room 108: The Clearing" About?

While plot details are still limited, this new thriller will center around an urban legend about the historic Vic Theatre in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Here's a teaser video I found on Room 108's Facebook;

Vic Theater's Murderous Past

NBC 26 in Green Bay tells the urban legend like this;

On Feb. 24 1900 the Broadway Show play, Because She Loved Him debuted. The urban legend goes that the lead actress was a married young lady who fell in love with the lead.

After opening night the two were caught kissing on the balcony by none other than the actress’s husband.

In a fit of rage, the husband pulled out a gun and shot the actor. He then chases after his wife, eventually shooting her before ending his own life.

Since that fateful day in 1900, many people have reported weird happenings within the walls of Green Bay's Vic Theater and many residents believe it is haunted by not only the actor that was shot but by the actress and her husband too.

The current owner of the building, Steve Schneider, recently shared this story with Press Times;

The claim is that the murdered actor continues to be seen jumping out of the balcony, and that the unfaithful wife and her husband haunt the front staircase, tripping people and causing other paranormal activity.

Schneider admits that he has seen flashing lights and other weird happenings within the theater walls, but also that he has never been able to find any records confirming that a murder/suicide actually took place there in the 1900s.

How Are the Green Bay Packers Connected to the Movie?

While the filming of "Room 108: the Clearing" is still in the beginning stages, a crowdfunding campaign will officially begin this December to help the project continue, and it sounds like a lot of Packers stuff will be featured throughout the film with the team's consent. A post on the movie's Facebook also says;

We are also working on a POTENTIAL cameo appearance by a well known Packer person. More details in the coming weeks.

Could it be Brett Favre? Aaron Rodgers? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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