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While the Vikings 2021 season may not have given fans much to cheer about, a new survey says Vikings fans may not be liked much themselves.

After watching the Packers dismantle any hopes the Vikings had for making the playoffs by beating them 37-10 in front of a national audience at Lambeau Field on Sunday Night Football on January 2nd, it's understandable that the Vikings fan base here in Minnesota might be a little surly, right?

But according to the results of a new online survey, Minnesota Vikings fans rank among some of the overall least-liked in the National Football League. That's the word, anyway, from the number-crunchers over at sportsbetting.ag. Their network does sports-based graphics and trends maps every month.

Their new survey looked at Twitter data over the last 90 days and tracked negative keyword phrases about each team's fan base. For example, "Cowboys fans are the worst," or "Eagles fans are awful," or "I hate Steelers fans," etc.

And the results show that the Vikings placed 10th out of the 32 NFL teams fan bases on the list! Are Vikings fans REALLY in the Top 10 Worst Fans in the NFL?!? Hey, being a Wisconsin native, I'm a Packers fan, and even I don't know if I buy those results!

The Cowboys took the top spot, with the least-liked fans in the NFL. The Browns, Eagles, Steelers and Bears' fans rounded out the top five.

Meanwhile, speaking of the Vikings' NFC North rivals, the Green Bay Packers, their fan base only placed 18th on the list, putting them in the bottom half of the least-liked fans in the NFL. (And, even as a Packers fan, I'm not sure I buy that, either-- I know a LOT of obnoxious Green Bay fans!) You can check the full results below.

Courtesy sportsbetting.ag
Courtesy sportsbetting.ag

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