Is it hot enough in Minnesota to bake cookies in a car?

What do you do when it is a kazillion degrees in Rochester, Minnesota and can't cool off at the pool because, well...people are morons and can't follow rules?  You see what you can bake in your car.

Welcome to Minnesota, where it is 97+ outside three weeks after we had frost warnings.

On Wednesday, my car told me that it was 97 degrees outside.  I have zero idea what the inside temperature was but I know that it was hot enough that I didn't want to sit down or touch the steering wheel until the a/c cooled it off a bit.  #JesusTakeTheWheelAnd DriveForMe

Because it was so hot, I knew we could probably fry an egg on a sidewalk if we wanted to.  But that is so 2019.  I wanted to take this experiment up a notch and see if I could pull out my mom skills and bake cookies in a car.  It's not quite an oven but when it is THIS hot, it feels like one.

Can you actually cook cookies in your car right now in Minnesota?

The short answer:  Yes!  It took about 6 hours total but the cookies got crispy and cooked on the dashboard in our car.  Check out the video here where our baking adventure started.

Watch the cookies in our car bake!

We did some hourly(ish) checks throughout the day to see how the cookies were doing and grabbed a few photos to document this delicious cookie journey.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

How did the cookies that we baked in our car taste?

I had my kids do a taste test to get their real, honest opinion.  I did NOT tell them under after they ate the cookies that these were baked in a car.  You can hear that shocked response at the end of the video.  (Watch it here)

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