There are few things more frustrating this time of year than when your Christmas lights that had been working fine, suddenly stop, right? 

It happened to me earlier this week. Our front Christmas lights, which had been working fine, were out. Just like that. And, they'd just been working fine earlier that same day too.

I went out and checked the outlet, and it wasn't just the lights that weren't working, the entire outlet was dead. Like you'd flipped off a switch. Except, of course, that outlet doesn't HAVE a switch.

And, of course, not being an electrician or even knowing much about how our house is wired, I was stumped. It seemed like it must be a fairly basic fix, so I headed to the Google.

Turns out, it WAS a fairly simple fix. But it took me about 45 minutes-- minutes I won't get back, mind you-- to figure it out. Here's what happened...



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