Can you really get a ticket just for hiking through this Minnesota landmark in the winter?


Turns out, if you hike out beyond the designated viewing area at the now-frozen Minnehaha Falls Regional Park in Minneapolis, yes, you can-- and probably will-- get a ticket.

According to this CBS-Minnesota story, Minneapolis Park Police issued warnings and/or tickets to nearly 120 people who ventured out behind the frozen falls this past weekend.

So just why are the frozen falls off limits? Well, because of exactly what happened: A woman was hiking along the ice behind the waterfall, when a large chunk of ice broke off and hit her on the head. That, in turn, caused her to fall and injure her arm and wrist.

And, it caused rescue crews to have to head out and brave the unsafe ice as well. Which is why, officials say, you shouldn't be out there.

The problem, though, is that people LOVE to take selfies on the scenic ice, even though it's unsafe. Other people then see those pictures online and THEY want do the same thing, the story says. But-- if you do, it can cost you!

Not me, though. I don't really want to take a huge chunk of ice to the head anytime soon. So, not having ever been to Minnehaha Falls anyway, I think I can wait until it warms up and the falls thaw out-- even if it's not as scenic. (Heck, if I want a scenic frozen selfie, I'll head over the Ice Castles.)

How about you?

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