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The first day of fall in Minnesota is Thursday, September 22nd, and as we look back at the summer of 2022, it was a bit unusual.

I was talking with a few friends earlier this week about the weather we experienced here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes this summer. Without checking any empirical weather data, we all kind of thought that the summer of 2022 was fairly mild, at least by Minnesota standards.

Sure, there were some typical hot, humid days (as the spike in my electrical bill in July and August would definitely bear out, thanks to the constant use of our air conditioner), but overall, we thought, it seemed like this summer wasn't quite as steamy as some other recent summers.

And if this summer seemed that way to you, too, well, it turns out we weren't too far off the mark. At least according to ABC-6 Chief Meteorologist Chris Kuball, anyway. He posted a graphic on this Twitter page earlier this week noting that Tuesday, September 19th noting was only the sixth time the temperature hit 90 degrees at Rochester International Airport this summer.

Now, while hitting 90 IS a bit unusual this late in the summer (Kuball noted that the last time that happened was five years ago, back on September 22, 2017), this summer WAS below Rochester's summer average of nine days where the temperature hit 90 degrees. Last year, we hit 90 degrees on 11 different days-- nearly twice as many as this year.

Back in 2020, we also hit 90 degrees just six times; in 2019 it was only ONE time (I don't remember the summer of 2019 as having been so cool) while back in 2018, we were cookin', having hit 90 degrees on 12 different days!

Historically, you have to go back eight years to the cool summer of 2014 for the last year when we NEVER hit 90 degrees. Which is a far cry from the record-setting summer of 1934, when Rochester hit 90 degrees on an incredible 38 different days!

Speaking of temperatures, when is the first time we'll hit 32 degrees this fall? If you guess the correctly, it could win you a brand new Amana furnace from K&S Heating & Air in the First Freeze Furnace Giveaway! Enter your guess HERE!

Of course, we're used to some strange weather here in the North Star State, right? Keep scrolling to check out 11 different weather events that are seared into most Minnesotans' minds.

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