Bake it in the oven, or take it outdoors to your grill. This one looks like a winner! Follow these easy steps and additional TIPS for success!

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If you're like me you can't wait for the grilling season to arrive. Granted, hard-core grilling enthusiasts will find a way to grill year round. Even though the video below shows you how to make this creation indoors in an oven, it could be easily be done-up for the grill as well.

Below are some TIPS that I compiled after reading through many of the COMMENTS on the host's Facebook Page. Please share YOUR FEEDBACK on the Quick Country Facebook Page!


~~ TIPS ~~
IMPORTANT: Make sure you boil or microwave the potato so its COMPLETELY cooked before stuffing and baking. It probably makes sense to allow the spud to cool, as it will be easier to make the needed cuts on the bottom and top of the potato. It will also scoop out easier with less chance of crumbling and falling apart.

-The Potato
It's not specifically stated in the video, but it appears that a thin-skinned Yukon Gold, or even a red potato would be the logical choice, rather than a thicker skinned Idaho or russet.

-The Bacon needs extra minutes to cook all the way thru in my humble opinion. That's easy.....precook, or more accurately, par-cook it (partially cooked) before you wrap it around the spud. Keep it pliable....not crunchy, then let the oven temp crisp it up.

-The Cheese varieties can be varied to use what YOU prefer. I can see using just about any variety of cheese, as long as it melts well. The chopped scallions are a no brainer....I'd keep those in there no matter

I could also see incorporating shredded crab meat, or even tiny cooked shrimp into the stuffing for that matter. Experiment!

You can also take the excess potato that you scooped out and mix it into the cheese mixture and give the whole potato an over-stuffed, twice baked look. Perhaps reduce the amount of cheese. Again, experiment a bit!

By the way, if I had produced this video I think I would have used a different music bed.

In closing, since this isn't rocket-science, have fun, experiment, and enjoy! Don't ask me about grams of FAT, CALORIES, or CHOLESTEROL.
My advice...MODERATION is always the key! -Steve ~ Quick Country Weekends


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