Lately there seems to have been a rash of Rochester restaurants closing their doors. So is that Chick-fil-A restaurant slated for the Med City any closer to opening?

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We'd initially heard last December that Chick-fil-A, was eyeing a location here in Rochester. It was going to be a new building in the Crossroads Shopping Center, near Chipotle. (As an aside, is there really room there for ANOTHER restaurant in that parking lot?!? But I digress...)

Anyway, in that story (which you can read HERE), from last winter, the latest info from the Chick-fil-A people was that they'd hoped to open here sometime "next spring."

Okay, we're now into the second half of "next summer," so it looks like they're not going to meet that deadline. So what's the deal? Well, according to this Post-Bulletin story, the popular chicken restaurant IS still planning on building a new store in our fair city. But it's not happening anytime soon.

"We can at this time confirm our first location is projected to open in first quarter 2018 in Rochester," the story said, quoting a communication it received from Chick-fil-A.

Until then, though, if you've got a hankering for some Chick-fil-A, you'll need to head up to Apple Valley (which appears to be the closest location to us right now.)

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