In case you missed it, T-Money is Samm's new best friend. Who is T-Money? Well, we're glad you asked!

He's our mascot for the 1K Power Play, and he's only here for a short time! Samm decided to make the most of it, and the two of them really bonded. Well, until he met me that is!

Okay, so this was really silly...BUT it does bring up a good point! There is plenty of "T", or money, to go around still! He's not leaving just yet.

You still have until Friday (6/2) to win $1,000 with the 1K Power Play on Quick Country 96.5! That could be school clothes for the kids, redecorating the house, concert tickets... you name it!

They key is to start your day with Curt St. John each weekday morning at 7:20AM so you can hear the artist of the day! Stay tuned!


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