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February is here! If this spring-like weather has you feeling that "out with the old, in with the new" feeling, read this article before busting out your wallet or you'll be spending more than you might like.

If you're looking to save money or get any sort of discount this month, you want to avoid these purchases at all costs (pun intended).

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P.S. don't shoot the messenger. This list was put together by the experts over at FinanceBuzz.

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Some totally make sense to me. Others, not so much. Some things just can't wait, but I do appreciate these tips, so I know when is the best time to buy some of these things!

Minnesota, You Need to Avoid Buying These Items in February

February Is the Worst Month To Buy These 14 Things:

Gallery Credit: Samm Adams

I joked in the list that you could do what I do, which is thrifting. I'm obsessed. I also search high and low for discount stores anywhere I go.

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If you are considering some spring cleaning and you know you're really itching for that new set of clubs, ready for a new car, or want to splurge on workout gear, you could always make money off your stuff.

Throw it up on Facebook, bring it to a consignment shop, trade in for a new model, or donate to get coupons. Then you won't feel so bad spending a little extra cash this month.

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