Target just unveiled a new feature of their wedding gift registry that will allow guests to specifically donate money to help fund a couple's honeymoon. But some Minnesotans are saying that's a little...uh...tacky.

A wedding gift registry is nothing new, right? We think nothing of specifically listing various items we'd like people to get us as gifts in celebration of our upcoming nuptials. And Minnesota's own Target has just added a new feature, called 'Honeyfund' to their wedding registry.

"We've partnered with Honeyfund to allow your friends and family to contribute to your honeymoon and newlywed experiences as a wedding gift!" Target says about Honeyfund on their website. "Use the funds for honeymoon travel, adventures, date nights, classes, entertainment and more!" the site says.

But a few brides-to-be in Minnesota think asking people to specifically donate to your honeymoon is a little... uncouth. A friend of mine who lives in Minneapolis just got engaged in January. She loves Target-- but not the new Honeyfund.

"As a millennial who is currently planning a wedding, I hate this idea! I'm not against wedding registries, but asking other people to pay for a honeymoon feels...tacky and weird," 'Emily' (not her real name) wrote on Facebook the other day.

As for me, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. When my wife and I tied the knot, we got a few VISA gift cards (which essentially functioned as cash) that we ended up using on our trip to Jamaica. (Ours wasn't just a honeymoon, though-- we got married on the beach down in Ocho Rios.)

What do you think? Is it tacky or not? Let me know!

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