I've been asking myself for months, "WHY - OH WHY, DO WE HAVE A DOLPHIN STATUE IN MINNESOTA!?" Seriously, it's not like we have dolphins.

After further investigation, I found out that this seemingly odd piece of art was actually a gift from royalty. No, I haven't been watching too much of The Princess Diaries. THIS IS REAL. If you forgot what it looks like, here it is!

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

You can find it on 2nd SW St. in downtown Rochester. Right in front of the Mayo Building.

As I mentioned, this piece is actually a gift. The Downtown Rochester Alliance explains,

The sculpture was a gift to the Mayo Foundation from Count and Countess Theo and Ida Rossi di Montelara of Geneva, Switzerland. "Boy with a Dolphin" is a 13-foot bronze sculpture which in the words of its creator, David Wynne, has a theme of joy and well-being."

So, really, it's here to keep patients happy. It's working! It's beautiful to look at! Apparently, David Wynne's son Roland served as the model for the "boy" portion of the piece. Wynne mentioned that dolphins bring a friendly vibe to anyone, saying, "If one meets the dolphin in the sea, he is the genial host, you the honored guest." This is accurate.

Have you seen this sculpture too?



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