Toys R Us was a store located orginally in St. Cloud where Subaru car dealership is currently.  The store had to do a shift from their own free standing store to having locations within other stores. Currently Toys R Us is located inside Macy's in St. Cloud.  There is also a location that opened up late last year, just in time for the holidays inside the Mall of America in Bloomington.

Babies R Us was located inside the free standing store when we still had one here in St. Cloud.  After that store closed, your only choice was basically to go online to purchase anything you'd like from that store.

Now, there is another... actually 4 other spots where you will soon be able to shop Babies R Us again!

Kohl's is announcing that soon there will be 200 locations to shop Babies R Us inside their stores.

From Kohl's website: 

...along with an expanded assortment available nationwide on, the addition of Babies“R”Us at Kohl’s will offer more customers – including the next generation of families – the opportunity to shop Kohl’s wide array of offerings for every day, and every major milestone moment. 

Minnesota will be getting 4 of these locations.  The only downside to this is that right now, the St. Cloud location is not included on this list.  But, not too far away, in Maple Grove, along with Coon Rapids, Duluth and Mankato.  All of these locations will have a section added for Babies R Us.

What to Expect

The Babies“R”Us at Kohl’s shop will feature a curated assortment of the latest baby gear, furniture, activity, accessories, and more. Adjacent to the shop, customers will find the best of Kohl’s existing baby and kids' apparel and other offerings from brands like Little Co. by Lauren Conrad, Jumping Beans, Carters, Nike, and more to create a comprehensive baby shopping experience.

Quite honestly, this sounds amazing.  And yes, there is still the online option too.  But I would prefer shopping in store so that you can see and feel and check out the products first hand without having to pay shipping and/or having to possibly deal with sending it back.

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