Jimmie Allen flexes his cross-genre collaboration muscles once again with a guest appearance on "Easy," a new solo song from Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter.

Breezy and romantic, the new song calls on R&B influences, octave-defying vocal runs and a grownup version of the kind of sugary-sweet pop sensibility that was Carter's bread and butter in his boy band days. Though he and Allen come from very different musical backgrounds, they've got common ground where the song's subject matter is concerned: "Easy" is a love letter to family life, and both Allen and Carter are husbands and dads to young children.

"I swear that you got something special, love / That comes from up above / I'd never give you up / 'Cause you make this, you make this look easy," Carter croons as he launches into the chorus of the song.

Carter and Allen's partnership started as mutual fandom, the pop legend explains in an interview with Country Now. After the pop singer realized that he and Allen had a mutual acquaintance, they linked up and finished writing the song.

"I'm really happy [with] where it went. It's something that I can dedicate to my children and wife," Carter reflects. "It's something that maybe they can look back on too, when they get older, and listen to, and say, like, 'Oh, you know, Daddy wrote that for us.'"

Allen's participation doesn't stop with songwriting and vocal credits: He's also featured in the upcoming music video for "Easy." Carter explains that the clip was filmed over a weekend in the desert surrounding Las Vegas, and like the song itself, it's a family affair.

"We're gonna take our trucks out in the desert, my son is gonna bring out his dirt bike, and we're just gonna set up and film it," Carter explained to Country Now ahead of the shoot.

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