In unique 2020 fashion, Jose Cuervo announced a contest to send winners home for the holidays. Except it really isn't you going home for the holidays, rather it is a lifesize cardboard cut out of yourself that is sent home to be with family.

The contest is only open to those 21+, it's called the Cuervo Doppeldrinker contest. 

The process to be entered to win and have your 'doppeldrinker' sent home is pretty straight forward. Submit a full, head to toe, picture of yourself holding a cocktail, tell Cuervo where you want it sent, then cross your fingers and hope you are picked.

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It solves the COVID-19 restrictions over the next 4 weeks where Minnesotans are limited to just socializing with people outside of their homes. PLUS it may come in handy outside of the holidays.

Do you have an after-hours happy hour zoom call with the office? Bingo, insert the life-sized cut out in front of your laptop camera and head out, if there are enough co-workers on the call no one may notice!

However goofy of an idea this is, it does bring home the point that with the holidays upon us, there are segments of the population that are going to not be able to either go home or be with relatives/family this season. Hopefully, we start to see a rollout of a vaccine and can put our life-sized cardboard cutouts away in 2021.

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