At Kasson-Mantorville High School there is a team of extremely fun and focused students. The Otternauts. They're the robotics club at KM and they're impressing everyone all over the area. They caught the attention of the Cool Classroom Committee and were told they were SO worthy of the award. In the video, you'll see an example, the t-shirt cannon, which was a huge process.

The T-Shirt cannon wasn't just Let's-Make-It-Boom-It's-Done, they began with four prototypes. The story from there is pretty good, make sure you watch the video to catch it (and the cannon in action WHOOOMP!). It was awesome. And so Y-105FM and Foresight Bank are proud to award them with $50 and the chance to be the Cool Classroom of the Year which comes with a $500 prize!

They're super active on Twitter...

But we didn't want to recognize 'em just for the t-shirt cannon, we wanted them to know we're constantly hearing good things about the Otternauts.  Earlier this month they headed up to Duluth for the Northern Lights Regional, and tho they weren't able to go on, they had a great season, and have done so much we, as a community, can be proud of. Check out the Otternauts website here.

Do you know a Cool Classroom? Please, tell us about 'em now!

If your nomination is selected, we'll call you and line up a school visit so all of us can go and celebrate the classroom together!

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