Berne, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Dodge County Sheriff's Department is monitoring a large ice dam that has formed on the Middle Fork of the Zumbro River.

Sheriff Scott Rose says the ice dam is just west of the Highway 57 bridge south of Berne and has backed up a large amount of water on the river. There is concern that when the jam breaks loose, a large amount of water will be released all at once and could impact homes and properties along Dodge County Road 24 between Berne and Pine Island.

Sheriff Rose says the Olmsted County Sheriff's Department and the Minnesota Department of Transportation are also monitoring the situation. He is urging anyone who lives in the area to be aware of the potential for fast-rising water on the Zumbro River sometime today.

UPDATE:  Checked with Sheriff Rose at 7 AM Saturday and he said there was no change in the situation and they're still hoping the water won't cause flooding. Those in the affected area should remain on alert.

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