Over the weekend, the hubby and I had a morning date at Rochester's newest restaurant - Latitude 44 in the Castle. There are some big shoes to fill after taking over the Cameo spot. I was a huge Cameo fan, but I think Rochester is going to be quite impressed with its replacement.

I'm gluten-free, so I'm always a bit harder to please, let's be real. I was looking over the menu drooling over the things I couldn't have - Cereal Coated French Toast, Biscuits and Gravy, Funnel Cakes, Breakfast Flatbread, and so much more. There were lots of solid options for those who can handle gluten.

Our server recommended Crispy Rice for me (pictured above). It was on the "lite bites" section of the menu, BUT it was the perfect portion in my opinion. I'm not going to lie, it was legit the most unique and delicious breakfast I've EVER had. It was like breakfast sushi. That kimchi and unagi (eel sauce), get in my belly. I ate every last bite and did not want to share with my hubby.

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Breakfast Skillet @ Latitude 44 in Rochester, MN (Samm Adams)

My husband had the breakfast skillet. The breakfast potatoes (also GF) were phenomenal. We got a side of the "Billionaire" bacon as well - thick-cut bacon covered in edible gold flakes. Good news my Gluten Free friends, you can eat all the gold flakes you want, no gluten included.

The bacon was more like ham. SUPER thick slices. I'm pretty picky with my bacon, the crispier, the better, so the bacon was not for me. My hubby was happy to eat my portion. We also both had a "breakfast cocktail" or two ;) - he had the breakfast old-fashion and a bloody, I had the painkiller. All fantastic drinks.

Breakfast Old Fashion
Breakfast Old-Fashioned @ Latitude 44 in Rochester, MN (Samm Adams)

So, we know that brunch is going to be a fave of ours from now on, but what about the dinner menu?

We didn't get to try any of the dinner items, but I did take a peek at the menu to see what they have to offer. What an amazing array of goodies.

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I'm most looking forward to having the Gluten Free Jackfruit Crab Cakes. I can't remember the last time I had crab cakes. Their chicken Chicharon, Tacos, and a few of the salads are also gluten-free, so I do have some fun options. They have a bunch of pasta, steaks, salmon, soups, charcuterie, and more. Most of which I, unfortunately, will not be able to have.

Now, what about the look of the restaurant? They gave it a complete makeover, adding more light colors and making the ambiance a lot brighter. Very elegant and beautiful!

Lattitude Bar

They even have an awesome selfie wall that we, of course, took advantage of.

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The restaurant opens to the public for dinner on November 1st. The brunch menu will not be available just yet, but the owners of the restaurant tell me it will likely be on weekends in the future.

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