Some residences in Saint Paul are being left in the dark, literally, when the sun goes down each day. The reason why residents are being kept in the dark is that thieves are now targeting street lights in Minnesota's capital city for wire they can sell for quick cash.

In a post from the Saint Paul Police Department on Tuesday, police are asking residents to report suspicious behavior or people 'working' on street lights. One of the key points is that residents should be on the lookout for Saint Paul Public Works vehicles that would accompany the street light 'workers'. If there isn't a public works vehicle at the worksite, chances are those 'workers' are really ripping off the wiring in order to make a quick buck.

Wondering why some streetlights in Saint Paul are out?
Wire theft.
We’ve seen an increase in wire theft in streetlights since early 2021. Saint Paul Public Works has been diligently working on getting the lights back up and running, however, the wire has been stolen within hours of repair. In addition, the wire thieves have been damaging the internal conduits and base, which can cost more money, time, and resources to repair.
If you see a broken streetlight, traffic signal, or traffic sign in your neighborhood, please call 651-266-9777.
If you see someone “working” on the streetlights, but you don’t see a Saint Paul Public Works truck nearby, please call the non-emergency line at 651-291-1111 to report.

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