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Ordinarily, finding money on your car would be a good thing-- but this time it could mean big trouble in Minnesota.

It's not a surprise that crime involving vehicles has been increasing in parts of Minnesota over the past several years. We've heard stories about brazen car thefts and carjackings taking place in parts of Minneapolis and St. Paul. As I wrote about back in the summer, some law enforcement agencies in the Twin Cities called it an 'epidemic' of car thefts, with car thefts 'exploding' since a year ago in December.

In fact, as of this summer, thefts of these two kinds of cars have increased between 500% and 1300% in parts of Minnesota since last year! (You can see which two makes thieves are targeting HERE.) And, now comes word that a new tactic could be in play to make it easier to steal your car, as well.

According to this Newsweek story from earlier this year, police across the country have been warning citizens about finding cash on the windshield of their vehicles. So why is finding money a bad thing? Well, Newsweek says the scam works like this: You return to your vehicle and see the cash (usually fake) tucked under your windshield wipers. You then likely get back out of your car to grab the cash, and when you do, thieves who've been waiting nearby and watching you, then jump in and steal your car.

Curt St John/Townsquare Media-Rochester/Preston MN
Curt St John/Townsquare Media-Rochester/Preston MN

A sheriff's office down in Newton County, Georgia was concerned enough about the scam that they warned citizens about it on their Facebook page earlier this year, though the post notes they were 'unsure of the motive.'  And, according to this On Focus story, a similar scam was noted by police over in Marshfield, Wisconsin last spring. (However, in that case, while a citizen DID report finding cash on their windshield, their vehicle wasn't carjacked or stolen when they went to grab the money.)

Now, we should point out that these scams haven't been reported here in Minnesota... yet... but it's definitely something to keep in the back of your mind, especially if you happen to be heading to the Twin Cities anytime soon and are planning on leaving your vehicle in a public parking ramp or lot.

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