Another winter storm with some gusty wins hit the Northland today. It was bad enough that a light pole blew over and came crashing down on the Bong Bridge Wednesday, March 1.

Traffic was at a standstill for quite some time because of it. The Minnesota Department of Transportation put a warning on the MN511 map saying there was a crash and debris on the roadway.


I saw the picture that Jayln posted on Twin Ports Road Conditions of the light pole down. It was on the Superior bound lane. He said that they were able to clear one lane and get traffic to pass through. Traffic is no longer at a standstill.

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The National Weather Service Duluth Office indicates that we have wind gusts recorded as high as 39 MPH. They could be higher on the bridge, as it tends to be windier.

They posted a warning yesterday about the fast-moving clipper approaching the Northland. Many businesses in town have closed their doors early. Roads are in rough shape across the Northland.

Snowfall rates today have been as high as 1 inch per hour.

Earlier this winter I shared a story about another bizarre thing happening on the Bong Bridge. A motorist was driving across the bridge in a winter storm when a sheet of ice came down and destroyed their windshield. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. In that storm, the lift bridge also had to give warnings to ships passing through about falling ice. Crews had to stay inside and off the deck to protect themselves.

Be careful out there driving, give yourself some extra space in between cars, and be ready for anything to happen in a Northland winter.

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