Most of us wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Well... what if you could wake up to the smell of a Busch Latte? Can you really smell beer? Not sure, but Busch Beer took that as their latest marketing campaign.

According to Fox News, the beer company is releasing a limited edition can that you can only get in certain states. According to this site, Minnesota is one of the seven states you will be able to find these 30-packs in. The site says there is nothing different about the beer other than the can. They just wanted to be creative and appeal to the idea that you could potentially wake up with a Busch Beer instead of Coffee. I guess it's Five O'Clock somewhere? The site says that there are going to be available for a very limited time, so if you are looking to get your hands on them, you might want to act fast.

Other states where the limited-edition Busch Latte cans will be available are Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.

So friend, if it's not socially acceptable to drink at work, then I wouldn't show up with a Busch Latte in your hand.

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