The worst smell in high school - formaldehyde.

A smell that you'll never forget in high school - formaldehyde.  And if you know that smell, you were probably part of a biology or anatomy class that explored the world of animal dissection.  Frogs and worms might be the top picks for most classrooms in Minnesota and Iowa but a few unusual animals showed up on the dissection list, including cats.

15 Animals that are dissected in high school classrooms across the United States

If you ever took a biology class in high school, you know that part of the curriculum was dissecting an animal. The list of animals that people have dissected throughout the years is quite large though - some animals that are pretty typical and others that are, well, umm...not so normal.

I dissected a cat...and I named it.

I learned a lot in my science class and honestly, I was ok with dissecting a cat.  I'm sure I had all the normal reactions that everyone has and was a little bit grossed out but after a few cuts and learning where and what muscles were in the body, it was just a class.  I did give my cat a name though, and that was probably one of the worst things I did in high school.  I didn't like my choir teacher and my cat was named after him.  I also became a vegetarian for 2 years after this whole dissecting experience.

What animal did you dissect in school?

You may have been one of the many to walk out of class and just opt out of this part of school, which is fine, but if you did dissect an animal, what did you dissect?  I'd love to hear about what your school did.  You can send me a note over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

Why do you save the plastic bags from Walmart?

You have a stash of bags from Walmart, Target, or HyVee don't you?!  Plastic bags are just one of the many things Minnesotans seem to have multiples of in their houses.  Go through the list below and see how many are at your house!

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Not sure why, but people in Minnesota and Wisconsin have more than one of these 15 items.

If you walk through a house in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Iowa, there is a very good chance that you will see some items more than once. Yes, we are talking about those duplicates that we have that we aren't always sure why...but we just have a tough time getting rid of the extras.

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