You've got to hand it to Mineral Springs Brewery in Owatonna, they know how to take European favorites like a Stout or Irish Ale, and truly turn it into something local. With Saint Patrick's day coming up, celebrate with a glass of something locally created, and named after influential local Irish people.

Mineral Springs Brewery posted about the locally crafted, and of course locally named/sounding brews earlier this week and one of the beers even caught my eye for obvious reasons.

It's hard to find two more notable Owatonna families who celebrate their Irish heritage with as much pride and passion as that of the Gorman's and Shea's.
With a twinkle in their eye and a wee bit of blarney in their spirit, the Gorman and Shea families are synonymous with the fun-loving and festive nature in all things Irish.
As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, it seems fitting then to raise a toast to MSB's two newest Mc-offerings: The Gorman Irish Ale and The Shea Stout.
With hints of caramel and toffee, The Gorman Irish Ale has a moderately malty taste and sits on the lower side of bitterness and alcohol content. Pictured here is Frank Gorman!
The Shea Stout is a coffee-like beer with roasted barley notes dispensed in a Nitro format which helps accentuate its smooth creamy taste. Joe Shea is pictured here.
"Long Live the Irish, Long Live their Beer (Cheer), Long Live our Friendship Year After Year"
These are two of our three new St. Patrick’s Day beers we are excited to introduce, and we can’t wait for you to try them!
As you read from the post, just in time for Saint Patty's Day you can enjoy a newly tapped Gorman Irish Red named after Owatonnan Frank Gorman who ran a cleaners business on North Cedar, or a Shea Stout, named after Joe Shea, who owned and operated Shea Distributing Co. with warehouse facilities in Owatonna and Rochester distributing Pabst and Heilman beers and other products in 15 counties of southeastern Minnesota.
Both were fine Irishmen who would tell you they bled green, and always had a glint of Irish mischievousness in their eye. Raise a glass, and salute some local Irishmen and Irish families that are still in the area.

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