Driving along I-35 before sunrise, or after dark you see a glow emerging just to the North of Owatonna after you pass the Bushel Boy operations glow. The sky tinges a shade of purple/pink and then you see it like a lighthouse in the night, a lettuce growing business that started in 2017 right here in Southern Minnesota, Medford to be specific, Revol Greens. Revol just announced on Facebook that with the addition of a Texas greenhouse Revol has just become the largest greenhouse lettuce growing operation in North America, and it all started right here in Southern Minnesota.

The Friday post to the business's Facebook page indicated that by being able to serve over a 1/3 of the US once the Texas greenhouse is operational in 2022, Revol will be able to truck fresh lettuce to local stores in over a 1/3 of US states within 24-hours of being picked and packaged!

It’s official! Revol Greens is the largest Lettuce Greenhouse Grower in North America.

With greenhouse locations in California, Georgia, Minnesota, and coming soon to Texas, our team works around the clock to harvest and ship our greens to local grocery chains.

That means no long truck rides and fresher, tastier lettuce for you!  

Revol Green's website indicates that the business began in Medford in 2017, and in four short years has expanded to include greenhouses here in Minnesota, California and soon Texas.

The Medford location features 10 acres of growing space inside the greenhouse and captures rainwater and snowmelt from the roof to help water the lettuce. You can learn more about their growing process and greenhouses here.

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