Here's a feel-good story for you. Not only are we still talking about the Minnesota athletes that won gold at this past Winter Olympic games, we are giving you some good news too! Minnesota native, John Landsteiner, lost his commemorative Olympic ring at a California beach in July. But it was recently found by a treasure hunter.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that Leon Jones, of California, found the ring with his metal detector along the shores of Huntington Beach. He’s since been in touch with Landsteiner about returning it.

Landsteiner was in California in mid-July for ESPN’s ESPY awards show in Los Angeles. He, his wife, Kelsey, and teammates went to Huntington Beach the final night of the trip.

He gave the ring to his wife to keep it safe, but at some point, it went missing. Even with Landsteiner knowing where to search, their attempts to find it in the dark turned up nothing.

Landsteiner said he plans to fly to California as soon as he can to get the ring back, thank Jones in person and present him with a limited edition, autographed print of the curling team.

Landsteiner and his teammate’s historic triumph captivated not only Minnesotans but the entire nation as they tuned into the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea earlier this year. No other American curling team had ever won a silver medal let alone a gold before 2018.


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